Well, that plan certainly didn’t work out.

It’s been a whirlwind month, in my defense; I feel like my brain leaked out my ears.

We unofficially/officially/weepingly fired our lawyer just after I wrote in January. Neither of us could stand, in good conscience, to stick with a man who told us he refused to take payment in anything other than a lump sum because we’ll just break up like all his other clients. Charming.

We spent an awful lot of time looking for a second cat to join our little cat family and keep Prosper happy. He’s been bored since we moved here, after getting used to having both my mom’s cats available for play and/or harassment. This has meant a lot of walking around and yowling, which I’m sure you can imagine is charming and not at all likely to get us in trouble with the neighbors. This culminated in a kitten, Madeline, who is the nosiest, bravest little thing I have ever encountered. Nothing disuades her, and she is rather fond of Prosper already. Prosper remains undecided, but he starts yowling again if we separate them because he’s playing too rough. Fairly sure he thinks she is his toy.

I’ve been driving a couple times with our livingsocial flexicar deal. Turns out driving in Australia is fine, except the windsheild wipers and turn signals are reversed. Fuckers.

Last week my temp job unceremoniously ended. I was apparently mean to permanent staff. In my defense, they were terrible at their jobs, made mine harder, and got paid more money than me for it. Also no one told me to tone it down until it was over, which is not exactly helpful–or trust building. I didn’t disclose the autism stuff at that job because I thought it was just a temp position, but I will be doing so in the future. Better to be up front that I am not clear about what I can and can’t say without explicit direction. Lesson learned. However, that was the worst job I’d ever had, so leaving hasn’t hurt too much.

And that is why I haven’t written anything.

first day together


watching birds together


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3 Responses to make it last

  1. Mom says:

    Sucks about the asshole lawyer.
    I agree–they should have at least warned you about toning it down at work;but I know you don’t do well with stupid. Neither do I.

  2. Ali says:

    If you tell me to leave accurate feedback when someone else messes up, how is listing what they did wrong inherently mean? I thought it was the easiest way to organise the multiple ways they fucked up. And I never called anyone a fucking idiot; I was really holding back.

  3. Sarah says:

    Nothing like having the bomb dropped on you, all at once.

    Hugs and love from Pittsburgh.

    At least you got a kitten among all of that! And she’s adorable.