Ugh. Hate firefox. Love and hate. Mostly hate right now.

I’ve spent the past five hours trying to bend this stupid program to my will, which ought not be terribly difficult, given that I am a willful creature. It started with huge lags and hangs on startup, then moved to memory leaks of unspeakable horrors. Okay, not unspeakable: it is just ridiculous to spend 14 seconds waiting for a tab to switch. The updater had been bugging me to switch to 3.5 and then 3.5.2, but I am the opposite of an early adopter (1).

Frustrated with this lag, I decided to try the upgrade. It took half an hour (!) and removed what I consider one of the very most important parts of my browser experience: the theme. I don’t like change, unless I’ve initiated it, and I’ve used this skin since I started using firefox back in 2003. I switched to this particular version three or four years ago and can’t imagine using anything else. It is firefox for me. I had a tantrum, found some developer tools that would let me force an install, and fixed it.

Just after this, and after Kit went to bed, I noticed my saved passwords weren’t working properly. I was making a book purchase/salivating over hard copies of MBT on alibris and my paypal info didn’t come up automatically. That’s WEIRD with a capital everything, because this is some of the oldest saved info on my computer. I checked my saved passwords to see what the deal was, as I’d noticed 3.5 had screwed with a few of my defaults, and they were all gone. Gone, all gone, nip nip nip, just like that.

Not. Pleased.

So four hours after that and a lot of yelling and threatening the toaster with a hammer, and a few time-outs for the kitten, I had seen the same advice over and over (this appears to be a not-unusual issue and was a known issue BEFORE THE RELEASE WTF). The advice goes like this: make a new profile, copy your old passwords file into it, and it should generate a new passwords file. The issue is because firefox is changing how it stores passwords (all your info, actually) from txt encrypted files to, um, something else. That’s the gist of it. And the conversion, if you are a good password maker and use non alphanumeric characters, can get corrupted. I am a good password maker. I also had about a hundred, and maybe a quarter of those in my brain.

None of the solutions worked, because I am a good little password maker so all conversions kept re-corrupting the files, but I did hit upon an alternative solution. I’m afraid this worked for me and probably no one else, because I am superlame:

I got on the laptop, installed an addon to export my passwords, and did that. I also told xmarks to start sharing my passwords. I then got back on the toaster and completely wiped firefox off my system, then did a clean install of 3.0.13 from the old installs page of mozilla. I modded it the way I like it (my theme, my addons) plus the password exporter. I used this tool to import my passwords from the laptop, where I had saved about 2/3 of the list I had on the desktop (but that’s 50 more than I had!), approved xmarks sharing passwords, and did not scream anymore.

And that is how I spent my morning. Now I’m going to the library to find a book on gifted kids and adults and dual diagnosis. Because, fuck it, I’m special.

1. I ran yahoo 7 until the program forced me to switch after four years; my internet would literally no longer connect through that interface and I had to upgrade (and skipped a whole platform to 9, which I’m now tolerating, about 9 months later). I also ran Windows ME until MBC told me they would no longer allow me to get online and I had to upgrade to XP. Telling me I can’t get online is a good way to force me to upgrade.

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3 Responses to contaminated me

  1. Stina says:

    This is awful – like death awful – I would want to destroy something.

  2. Ali says:

    The extension is available here and I would highly reccomend adding it to your own firefox when you get home, just in case. You know how to manually back up your bookmarks, yes?

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